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Mission Creek Dental is situated on the corner of Tutt Street and Osprey Avenue, only steps away from charming cafes, boutique shops and restaurants. Our clinic does not look or feel like a traditional dental office. Its design combines modernist concepts and classic mid-century modern furniture pieces in order to transport patients to another era and ease them into a relaxed state before their dental appointment. The captivating 360 degree views of the valley, and the simple design and contemporary appeal of the space creates an inviting and calming atmosphere that our patients truly appreciate. 

Mission Creek Dental Team

Interior design combines modernist concepts and classic mid-century modern furniture pieces.

Accessible clinic with room for wheelchairs.

Corner of Tutt Street and Osprey Avenue.

Inviting and calming atmosphere.

Mission Creek Dental

Our Kelowna team’s philosophy is based on quality, trustworthy dental care and patient education. At the core of the practice is the goal of empowering patients to make informed decisions about their treatment options. We combine the latest in diagnostic and treatment technologies with a passion for educating patients so that each patient receives the highest quality care available.

Dental Clinic Team in Kelowna

Kelowna’s Dental Clinic in the Mission

Tour our Kelowna Dental Clinic. The dental team at Mission Creek Dental continuously strives to meet the needs of each patient in a manner that we ourselves would wish to be treated. We are committed to making your experience as comfortable as possible and are satisfied when you leave happy.

“A very pleasant experience as a first time patient. Gorgeous clinic, so beautifully thought out and the views are amazing. It makes a huge amount of difference looking at an incredible view whilst having your teeth attended to! Dr Kim is exceptionally gentle and kind. Highly recommend Dr Kim and his staff. …read more Kelowna Dentist reviews.”
David W, West Kelowna

Kelowna Dentist Dr. Daniel Kim

Kelowna portrait of Dr. Kim

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Your children will feel at home!

We want your children to feel comfortable at our clinic. Dr. Kim has two young boys and understands how important it is to establish excellent oral health routines from a young age.  His parenting experience also helps him relate to children and their unique needs.  Our Certified Dental Assistants are trained to make your child’s dental experience positive. Your child’s first dental appointments will shape how your child feels about going to the dentist well into adulthood so it is important to make the experience comfortable and fun. We have a room adjacent to the reception area just for children where they can play with etch-a-sketch, read a book, watch a Star Wars show or build a Mr. Potato Head.  At Mission Creek Dental, we have our famous treasure box. After your child’s appointment they can hunt for a special treasure.  The kids really look forward to this and sometimes ask to visit our office just so they can get a treasure.

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